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Celiac Disease and Fertility Problems

Nowadays we see many fertility problems. It is hard to believe but the allergy to gluten which is called the celiac disease can lead to problems of infertility in both men as well as women. Hence, you might notice fertility problems or celiac disease if you are trying to have a baby.

Celiac disease is another name for gluten intolerance. It causes malnutrition, deficiency of vitamins and leads to many problems. In this case the small intestine cannot absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. Hence, scientists say that infertility problems could be due to these reasons.

We are known to the fact that our body needs a proper nutritious diet so that every function follows correctly and there is no hormonal imbalance. But if it does not get that particular amount of nutrition, your body is not able to face the hormonal change. This can be a case in both men and women since it can interfere with either ones.

It is noticed that most of the women facing celiac disease have problems regarding their menstrual cycle. It is either abnormal or there is frequent bleeding. Some women do not get periods for a longer time gap. This indicates that such women do not ovulate regularly and this leads to fertility problems. If you not getting pregnant, the only reason are you are not ovulating.

The women who have celiac disease are most likely to face problems at the time of pregnancy. You could face numerous problems like actual miscarriage, threatened miscarriage which means bleeding during pregnancy or high blood pressure. Pregnant women may also have problems of anemia due to celiac disease. This may lead to problems during labor & delivery threatening both the mother as well as the child. It is also difficult to carry out pregnancy.

Before you face all these problems, let your healthcare provider know when you are trying to conceive if you have a celiac disease. You can surely avoid all these problems in future by following a gluten free diet and you reverse the inflammation because you will become healthy with all the nutrients in your body.

A healthy body makes all things work well. Therefore, you will increase the chances of successful conception & healthy pregnancy. Hence, try to control your celiac disease before it is too late. All you need to do is consume food that is gluten free. Eliminate gluten and all your problems are naturally resolved.

It is initially difficult to eliminate gluten but the improvement and the profit of the healthy body you get is worth it. A proper advice from your healthcare provider is a must. Make sure that you receive all the proper medical aid along with a proper nutritious diet. Celiac disease and fertility problems are interrelated, but you can improve chances of pregnancy by being cautious in diet. Medical intervention is a must in case of serious celiac problems.

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