Gluten Sensitivity Parameters

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Many individuals don’t gather gluten problems until they are adults, which bring to the table the question of whether the gluten problem is related only to adults or to children or old people also. The elaborations that continue throw some light on the gluten intolerance paradigm and whether it affects all age groups or not.

The symptoms which can indicate gluten intolerance are many and they may all not point towards a specific point. This is why it is strongly advised that you seek professional help in determining whether you suffer gluten intolerance or not.

The first and the most important thing that you need to look into is the fact whether your child or infant is growing up the way it is meant to be. If the signs indicate otherwise, then it is not able to absorb all the nutrients effectively, which hints at gluten intolerance.

Also, you will notice that your child has dry skin patches on its body, and in medical terms we call it eczema. While this symptom is not a sure shot way of determining gluten intolerance, it sure is a waypoint towards the same.

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Gluten intolerant children will have problems with digestion. This is because gluten is often linked to bowel movement problems such as diarrhea, cramping & constipation, among others. If your child has those, it probably hints at gluten intolerance.

Gluten intolerance also finds its ways in the pains that occurs in joints. In addition to that, your child itself will not feel happy about it and you will witness frequent mood changes and changes in the behavioral patterns. All these potentially indicate gluten intolerance.

Children who suffer from autism will find that a gluten rich diet will only aggravate the problems further. A gluten free diet on the other hand will be just the opposite, as it will ensure that the factors that cause autism and other brain related problems in children will be alleviated.

Before you jump the gun and devise another eating plan for your junior, you should make sure that you are consulting with your health professional about the same. It’s true that gluten intolerance might create these problems, but there are other factors that are responsible too.

The doctor has access to a lot of tests that he can perform on your child to rule out any possibilities of a gluten problem. If that is the case then, he will be able to prescribe the exact medication for you so that you don’t have a problem with your child’s health.

As the awareness of the gluten problem grows, markets are flooded with products that are now free of gluten and other affiliated substances. On the other hand, you can do your part by including in your child’s nutrition other aspects that make the nutrition wholesome.

With diligent shopping & cooking, you could minimize the short and long term effects that gluten may have on your child, and of course, the question of whether the gluten affects only adults has been answered, and you will see cases where even children can get affected by it.

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