Gluten Free Bread Substitutes

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A particular intolerance needs certain rules to be followed and most importantly a diet restriction. But still you need not feel deprived since everything has a substitute. In case of gluten intolerance, you need to avoid bread which is quite a difficult but there are many other substitutes in bread that are gluten free. You can enjoy those bread products.

Bread made of potatoes or rice flour could be a good substitute. They are also delicious and the best substitutes for conventional wheat breads. There are in fact many other gluten free bread products available in the market. If you want to eat your own hand made delicious bread, you could opt for gluten free recipes or then find some premed mixes with dry ingredients. Many of them are trying to live a gluten free lifestyle which says a gluten free diet and are living a healthy life. 

There are substitutes in every item that are gluten free. Even pizza companies are offering gluten free crust options so that you could still enjoy it. There are also gluten free buns available for hamburgers or hot dogs to take pleasure of the cookout in the yard.

It will surely take time to get used to such recipes or tastes, but slowly and steadily you will find that they are as tasty as the other ones and they will be added to your list of favorites. You will find them in the local supermarkets or then in some specialty or natural health foods stores. The best you can do is order gluten free bread substitutes online. Manufactures are also happy to mail the substitutes right to your house. You will find a new variety all time since the demand for gluten free substitutes is ever increasing.

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If you want to be your own cook, you can surely try out some recipes. The best and the most practiced example is using large lettuce leaves in place of tortillas to make lettuce wraps. They can also be used to make hamburger buns. Lettuce would help you all the way since it can hold your hamburger and your condiments well along with the delicious flavor. It adds a crunch to your meal.

Lettuce not being the only substitute, you can use cucumbers as bread substitutes. Slice it into half, scoop out the seeds, and add your favorite toppings that you love like in sandwiches to one half, top it with other half. This will surely make up one of your favorite refreshing sandwich, the good news being that it is gluten free and healthy.

Another substitute is the corn tortillas for bread & flour tortillas with gluten. You can use them for burritos, hamburgers, quesadillas, tacos & hot dogs. Gluten free substitutes will always be tasty, healthy providing you a hale and hearty diet.

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