Alcohol Consumption and A Non-Gluten Diet

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If you want to eliminate gluten, then it’s significant to consider Alcohol Consumption and  Non-gluten Diet Consumer.  In which ways can alcoholic drinks affect you?  The thought of how alcohol is prepared may not have aroused in your mind, but it can influence your experience with gluten.

Gluten is present in any alcoholic drinks prepared from grains like wheat, rye, barley, etc.  The gluten protein is also present in any alcoholic drink prepared from barley.  So if you wish to eliminate gluten from your daily intake, then you need to avoid these drinks too.  The major inclusion in this is beer.   Nevertheless, drinks such as wine coolers are malted drinks.  Hence before consuming any alcoholic drink first ensure by going through the label that it is not prepared from grains like wheat, rye or barley.

Here is an exciting news that several companies are developing new methods to eliminate gluten from their consumer products, thus enabling you to enjoy drinks.  The “non-gluten” label will be present, but there’s yet more exciting news.

Gluten is absent in refined drinks.  Even though prepared from any grain with gluten content, the refinement process eliminates the impurities including gluten.  If you wish to eliminate gluten from your daily intake, or if you happen to develop gluten allergy, you still have got countless safe spirits for consumption.

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Some of the safe alcoholic drinks include vodka, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, etc.  But of course addition of flavorings is important.  You will face a problem if addition of flavoring is done after completion of refinement process, and contain gluten.

Being prepared from fermented fruits and not from grains, wines are usually safe for consumption.   The meaning of this is that, gluten is absent.  But you must ensure the presence or absence of gluten due to the addition of flavorings to the wine.

Champagne which belongs to the same class of wines is also prepared from fermented fruits.  Nevertheless you can ensure the absence of gluten in a beverage by contacting the manufacturer.

The manufacturing company will be the best person to inform you about the presence or absence of gluten in their consumer products.  However if you’re unable to get the precise answer from the manufacturing company, then it is better not to consume that particular product.

If you’ve decided to eliminate gluten from your daily intake, then you still can enjoy alcoholic drinks, provided you ensure that gluten is absent in the products consumed.  Alcohol consumption and non-gluten diet consumer need not be jointly restricted – you can enjoy countless non-gluten drinks.

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