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Too Thin With A Gluten Allergy: Tips for Weight Gain

...  diet. You may seek medical and professional help for the same and if your nutrient intake does not suffice in comparison to the basic requirements for a balanced diet, then take the necessary steps to replace it.  Weight gain pills for women are an option that many women choose, others are determined to gain weight naturally. Look at what you eat: Firstly, you need to stop munching on junk food and replace it with wholesome food which is rich in the important nutrients such as wheat free carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These nutrients nourish your diet and system and consequently ensure a healthy diet. Carbohydrates are the most vital component of a balanced diet and are present abundantly in fruits, vegetables & whole grains without gluten. They are like fuel for the body because they are a storehouse of energy. All the energy we need to do our daily chores is obtained from carbohydrates. They also regulate metabolic activities. If our diet is lacking ...

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Gluten Free Cooking 101

...  There can be many reasons that you need to eliminate wheat and related foods from your diet, including food allergies and conditions like Celiac Disease. Eliminating wheat sounds easy enough on the surface, but once you get started, you need to be vigilant. Many of the traditionally prepared products at your grocery store actually contain wheat and so do some of your favorite recipes! You can keep these potential allergens from your plate, and your stomach, by following a few simple tips: Wheat free cooking begins at the grocery store. It sounds simple, but if you don’t put an item in your cart, it won’t end up in your home. Be vigilant about checking labels at the grocery store. Make sure you screen items for wheat, and exclude rye and barley ingredients as well. Most people who have issues with wheat have trouble with these grains as well. Plan on spending more time in the kitchen, at least at first. As you learn about wheat free cooking, you may find that you need to spend a little more time in the kitchen. Many of the products designed for convenience also contain gluten or wheat based ingredients. Eliminating these items means that you may need to make your own substitutes at home. Familiarize yourself with wheat free cooking styles and ingredients. Preparing things at home means adapting recipes to include gluten free ingredients. In some cases, you can simply replace a wheat based item with a gluten free ...

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Wheat Free Beer

...  free ingredients, you can produce your own gluten free beer, one batch at a time. Can’t find a microbrewery, and don’t want to make your own? Don’t give up hope! As more consumers are finding the need to switch to gluten free diets, large manufacturers are heeding the call. Several major breweries have gluten free offerings available, or are planning new releases soon, so check with your store or supplier often. A gluten free beer may be available soon at a store near you! Wheat Free ...

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